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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sephora Collection Lipstick Review

Hello Folks!
My first review, and it's going to be on my first ever lipsticks! People are going to laugh when I tell them these are the first lippies I have ever bought or worn (trying out my mom's when I was 4 doesn't count I'm afraid). But whatever, I'm doing it anyway, for science!

I bought three different ones, a Rouge Cream lipstick and two Rouge Shine lipsticks. Having never bought lipstick before and with the purple hair, I had to get help from the lovely Sephora ladies, ya know, just to make sure I didn't get some terrible shade that would clash and make me look clownish. These are the three I picked.

Sephora Collection Lipstick

From left to right:

Cost: $15 CND.
The Cream are the more matte finish, and the shine... obviously have some shine to them. You can see the Make Me Famous has a bit more shine and sparkle. This one so far is my favourite.

As someone who is new to this kind of thing, I'm really glad that they have the colour swatches on the underside of them. I will never remember names. I'm just bad at it.

The lady helping me in store explained to me that although Sephora Collection items tend to be cheaper in cost, it's mostly due to their packaging being simple and not bulky. I hope that's true, plus I actually like the packaging. The outside of the tube is a matte or shine depending on the lipstick inside. 

I did a quick swatch on my hand, and you can see there's more of a matte to the middle one. It's not an intense matte, and it doesn't feel drying. It really is a nice transition lipstick for someone like me, who's used to balms and glosses.

(The colours are backwards to the above picture, oops!)

The first is the Make Me Famous, middle is Love Test, and the right is Heartbreaker.

You can see the two Shine lipsticks are a bit more sheer. I did know this when I bought them, I tested them out. The idea was that they were again a nice transition into wearing lipsticks and they really are.
As well, for a more glam'd up look, I can apply them over the Love Test for a nice bright shiny colour.

The swatches really didn't do them justice (also probably my awesome camera skills, am I right?), so I've done a few lip testings as well, with them by themselves and combined.

As someone who is used to balms, I am thoroughly enjoying these lipsticks. They don't dry out my lips, they last a decent amount of time (when I remember not to lick them all off... balm girl here!), and they are an awesome enhancement to my hair and daily makeup. Smooth and not sticky, they are definitely a re-purchase for me!


  1. Woooooow, I love those shades! You also have very pretty lips, lady!
    I like that you can combine them nicely too!


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