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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Little Introduction is in Order, I Believe?

Hello folks, and welcome to the Bin! 
I'm Boots, and this blog is going to be a documentation of my journey into the world of cosmetics, beauty and hair! 

Sadly, I'm nearly 31 and know very little about these things. Nail polish is really the only thing I do well. I grew up on an acreage and was always a daddy's little girl kind of tomboy, running around with the animals and tractors, unflatteringly draped in baggy and boring clothes, long & pale brown hair always in a ponytail and no makeup, ever. Over the last few years I've started doing the mascara and basic eyeliner thing, maybe some creamy eye shadows in stick form, but that was about it. Then the hair was chopped off to a nice angled bob, and then the colour change to purple and black. 

Now, I'm diving in head first. Eye shadow, liquid liners, mascaras, hair bleach and much more! 

I'll be on a seemingly never ending search for products that don't make my eyes itchy and watery, as there are seasonal allergies and sensitive eyes at play here. I've signed up for the Ipsy monthly subscription, which will be awesome to get me started, trying all sorts of new things, and I will be reviewing them all! There's nothing I won't try! Unless of course it will actually damage my skin or hair. Cause that would be bad, right?

This will also be a nice little follow along as I grow out my hair and learn some tricks to keep it healthy and happy while I bleach, blow dry and straighten it to death. Stay tuned for the colour changing that will start happening as well! Ombre bright colours!

Hope you all enjoy following along as I test and review a wide range of products that will be sent, and also all of the products that I myself have chosen. Everything will fall under the scope here on Boots' Beauty Bin!


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