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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Coconut Oil & Its Awesomeness

Oh coconut oil, will you never cease to amaze me? 

Fairly recently I had found a video on YouTube detailing how do a coconut oil mask for your hair, promising to up the moisture, softness and shine of your hair. Considering my hair is fine, bleached, blow dried and straightened, I was game to try it out as my shorty locks can be pretty damaged at the ends by the time Salon Day comes around. 

I'm impressed with this little trick. I leave the oil in my hair for a few hours at most, wash gently and condition normally. The best way I can describe how it feels after is renewed. Soft and not weighed down. Just lovely.

Well, since I've had the jar around the house for a while now, I'm finding all sorts of things it's good for. Dry patches of skin, greatly improved after putting the oil on daily. Dry feet and those odd little patches of skin that lift on the pads of the feet? Moisturized and not lifting or sore anymore. Chapped lips (often due to me being dehydrated... water is not fun to drink, I tell ya), smooth and not peeling with very little use of the oil. Cuticles? Smooth and repairing from all the nail polish removing I do. Makeup remover! I have pretty sensitive eyes, so makeup removers are often a hassle to use, leaving my eyes teary and tender, if not outright stinging and crying. Coconut oil not only removed my stubborn makeup, but didn't bother my eyes! Also, when I wake up in the morning my eyes are nice and soft having been moisturized all night.

I buy a jar at Bulk Barn, for around $16, but you can get it anywhere now. I even saw it at Sobey's the other day. I buy organic and cold pressed, and the jar lasts forever. I haven't run out and it's been months now. I urge you to give it a try, especially with those chilly and dry winter months coming up!


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